Updating again

Posted: 11.1.2013

Uh, oops, been a while I guess. So, I'm uploading some new content now and then. First things first, updated links to my DeviantART and Blogspot accounts. You can see them just below the top banner for now.


Posted: 10.6.2010

Reopening the site for now. Layout and and such are now up and running, same with comics, but I still have to put up the new pages and galleries yet. Expect further news posts as the month progresses. Meanwhile, feel free to explore; thought there isn't much to look at, yet. Some content here and there was also deleted to remove useless information and clutter.


Posted: 31.5.2010

Resuming the site building. Transferring content currently to new format, making bug fixes, etc. Will take a while, yet.

Updates ahead

Posted: 25.1.2010

Yeah, it's been reeeeeally long since last update, I've been busy with life and other stuff, but... Working on it. For real this time. Going to rebuild the style a bit and then resume the comic updates at least what I have sketched up ready in here. So, see you around... Hopefully.

Been a while...

Posted: 14.8.2009

Yeah, it's been a while without updates, sorry about that, life happens... But I have some new pages underway, as well the new site version I've been working on, which you can find [link deleted for now]. Also some things will change on the site one I get it up and running, like the tech archives will be integrated on the main site for example. You can freely comment and offer advice on improving it in there or in the forums.

Latest gallery additions:

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